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Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!

Posted: November 30th, 2015

NetCertPRO has a new website! We are continuously making efforts to improve the quality of the company and in turn the quality of the service we provide. This new website is in part a symbol of that effort. A website on its face is, of course a marketing tool BUT, we plan to make it functional for our present customers as well. We will begin regularly posting articles to our new blog where we can help you keep up to speed with tech news, company news and informational articles to keep you tech savvy. We will also maintain a section for a small knowledge base which will have guides on usual computer needs such as setting up your Outlook or device with your email account.

It is our hope that you will find the new blog and interesting and helpful. We plan to post a series of articles on how to stay safe and secure on the web, as well as tech tips that you might find useful, and even news related to technology that might affect you and your business. Please take a few minutes to stop by once in a while and read what we have to share. If you have suggestions on a topic you would like to see discussed in the blog, send it to us, and we will take it into consideration.